– Why choose a professional photographer?
Many photographers answer this question, and for cause... We could write whole pages on this subject, but to keep it succinct, here are some arguments that will allow the bride and groom to answer for themselves.

  • The cost – The first idea that comes naturally is the question of price. Since marriage is a big budget, every expense has to be reflected. The budget devoted to the photographer is only, on average, 7%! Needless to say, the photographs will be the only souvenirs of this unique event. It would be a pity to realize this small economy! I also invite you to read the following question that details the content of the prices.

  • The experience – Unlike the friend or cousin who has a reflex and who you would like to ask him about this heavy task which is to immortalize this beautiful day besides not having a single moment to enjoy it, the professional photographer will know Anticipate, position in the right places, adapt the correct settings quickly, and remain available and discreet throughout the day.

  • Technical baggage – Owning the best material in the world is not enough to make beautiful pictures! It is essential to master the manual mode, the light in all situations, to adapt to any environment even the darkest, and to know its material on the fingertips. It is the same for the post-processing part that requires hundreds of hours of practice.

  • The material – A simple question: not to mention high-end hardware, does your friend or cousin have two reflexes? It is not enough to have a memory card and a spare battery. Any conscientious photographer must have at least two reflexes that allow to be reactive and above all to the level of any problem or breakdown possible.

  • The products – By being professional, the photographer works with laboratories to which individuals do not have access. It can offer you digital books or other prints of outstanding quality. Remember that only your photo book or your prints will remain to remind you of this beautiful wedding.
    The memory of your day is at stake...

– We opted for your benefits, but what justifies the rate?
The price includes the various preparations, the hours of shooting, the work done in post processing, but also the products that make up the box, the cost of the material (usually the total value of the material is equivalent to the price A small new car!), travel expenses in the department, not forgetting the tax and social charges.

-What is the deposit amount?
A deposit of 30% of the value of the quotation is requested at the time of the signing of the contract.

– Who will come on my wedding day?
Working alone, I will be your only interlocutor and therefore the only person present at your wedding.

– How many pictures do you take?
It all depends on the benefits you choose. In general, it takes between 30 and 50 photographs per hour of attendance.

– Do you touch up the photos?
I edit very rarely images. Each photograph is developed to adjust the light, the contrast, the framing, the white balance, ...

– How will we receive our photos?
The photos will be given to you on a USB key. Some additional paper prints will be attached to the presentation box. All photographs are saved on a server for 1 year. A private gallery is also available.

– Can we have a DVD of the pictures?
There is no DVD in the presentation box. However, you can order a DVD or a USB key for your surroundings for example.

– When will we see our pictures?
It takes a minimum of 15 days after the day of taking pictures so that the post-processing work as well as the prints are made.

– In the performance, it is stipulated that the photographer assigns the photographs with the rights. Can we use them as we like?
Not. You can reproduce and use photographs only in a private setting. Any commercial use is subject to an agreement with the photographer and the bride and groom.

– Can the photographer use the pictures of the newlyweds he has taken, without our agreement?
Yes and No. As long as the person on the picture is not identifiable or is a public place and you are not the main subject, the photographer does not need your consent. On the other hand, it is imperative to obtain the agreement of the Brides (agreement present in the marriage contract) to use the photographs in order to illustrate its website or to make commercial brochures.

– Can we print our photos?
Since the pictures are royalty-free, in a private setting, you can print as many photographs as you want.

– Do we have to meet before?
It is inconceivable to me that you can choose a photographer without meeting him!

– When do you need to book?
Just like the other providers of your marriage, the sooner the better, one year being the ideal, especially for the high periods between May and September.

– Are you moving?
I move without any worries according to your needs for an additional fee if any.

– Is it possible to make a digital book several months after our wedding?
Since I keep your photographs for one year, you can quite ask me to make a digital book after the fact.

– What photo material do you use during a wedding day? If your case fails, do you have a backup box?
I work with the Canon brand. I use two boxes including a full format, as well as some Canon professional lenses of the range "L".

– If the weather is rainy, where do the wedding photos?
If this is a couple session that happens before or after, the schedule can be flexible. Otherwise there is always a solution to find covered public places, a courtyard, the old house of an uncle or why not do the pictures in the rain!

– What if our questions don't find answers here?
You can use and abuse the contact page where you will find all the means to reach me. The appointment remains the most effective way to build your project together through your desires, your questions, my advice and my experience.

– How do I contact you?
The most effective way is the phone but you can also send me emails or SMS. You will find all my details on the contact page.